Ayurveda for PCOS - A Natural way to treat PCOS

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PCOS presents with 3 major symptoms

Irregular Cycles

Long periods of amenorrhoea (no cycles), Cycles with very heavy flow, Tablet induced cycles

Metabolic Changes

Weight gain, Insulin resistance, hyperlipidaemia

Hormonal Changes

Increased male hormones in women like androgens, testosterone. Imbalance of female hormones like Oestrogen, FSH, LH.
Above symptoms are interlinked. For example, hormonal changes cause delayed cycles which in turn causes weight changes, which then leads to insulin resistance and so on.

PCOS treatment in Allopathy consists of

1. Start the patients on oral contraceptives to induce periods

2. Start on drugs for insulin resistance and some supplements

3. Advice patient on lifestyle changes

As you can see, there is no solution. Oral contraceptives are not good because they don’t balance hormones but they add more hormones to induce period.

They also have lot of side effects like mood swings, depression etc,

Ayurveda for PCOS focuses on treating root cause of the problem.

natural medicine
Ayurveda medicines helps body to naturally regulate hormone production and achieves hormonal balance
no hormone medicine
Ayurveda does not give more hormonal medicines to regulate periods. Once hormones are balanced naturally periods will happen naturally
ayurveda pcos increase metabolism
Focus on metabolism and other deficiencies like vitamin deficiency, insulin resistance, thyroid imbalance for complete care
safe medicine
Ayurveda medications are absolutely safe to take with no side effects.
pcos fertility
Ayurveda treatment for PCOS effectively manages other conditions associated with PCOS like infertility, acne and pigmentation, hair fall, hirsutism and depression

Since Ayurveda focuses on root cause of the problems, chances of recurrence of PCOS is very less, provided recommended lifestyle changes are followed

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