PCOD treatment- understanding the challenges in treating the hormonal disorder

PCOD treatment- understanding the challenges in treating the hormonal disorder
PCOD treatment- understanding the challenges

PCOD – A condition that is getting increasingly common among women of age 15 years to 35 years (reproductive age). It is a hormonal disorder that causes a myriad of issues among women. It has multiple symptoms and is a serious condition. But women don’t take it seriously till symptoms become severe. It is advised to remain conscious about the symptoms so that PCOD treatment does not become a great challenge.

“One patient that came to see me did not have regular periods for more than 1 year. She simply was taking over the counter hormonal tablets whenever she wanted to induce periods. But over time she started gaining weight and painful periods. That is when she finally decided to take treatment for the actual problem” said Dr.Niveditha.

Dr.Niveditha, our Ayurveda doctor, shares her experience on why PCOD treatment is a challenge in itself.

“First problem with PCOD is the name itself” she quips. “PCOD is not a disorder related to ovaries. It is a problem of hormonal imbalance in women. The cysts in ovaries are because of sacs inside ovaries carrying immature eggs. This happens because of imbalance in hormones like estrogen and progesterone. ”

Researches have been trying to identify the exact reasons for this hormonal imbalance. One well understood reason is excessive production of Androgens (This is the one that causes hirsutism etc.,). But still, this alone does not answer the reason for PCOD among many women.

New Research- a new path towards PCOD treatment

One recent research from Inserm France is suggesting that it could be genetic. Inserm institute did a study on mice where pregnant mice had 3 times the level of AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) compared to normal ones. It was observed that these mice gave birth to females that developed PCOD symptoms in adulthood.

This research throws new light on how PCOD treatment could be taken forward. But this new way of treatment is quite a long way before medicines based on it can be given to women. But this definitely gives a path towards PCOD treatment.

What, till Then?

Dr.Niveditha says “There is hope. There is enough evidence to show that lifestyle changes along with Natural Ayurveda medicines offer a simpler treatment option to reverse PCOD. Taking hormonal tables to induce periods does not cure PCOD, it only provides temporary relief”.

“It is all about understanding symptoms and causes for PCOD. These vary significantly from women to women. So options for PCOD treatment have to be personalised based on woman’s condition. Some women suffer from infertility, some with obesity and insulin resistance while some women are thin and still have PCOD. (little bit of grammatical correction) So understanding these differences and helping women take the right treatment while helping them with their lifestyle changes have brought great results in many patients I have treated” says Dr.Niveditha.

So PCOD treatment could definitely be done if we take natural options in consideration. It is about getting an assessment of the condition and getting the right support to treat it.

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