3 things to focus on when you have PCOS

3 things to focus on when you have PCOS

Women with PCOS are advised to focus on nutrition and food, which is the right advice. Question is “Does focusing just on food and exercise is enough?”

Many women with PCOS have multiple deficiencies. Its very common for them to have Vitamin deficiency like Vitamin B12 , Vitamin D. They also form insulin resistance which leads to pre-diabetes / diabetes. Also many women with PCOS / PCOD have poor metabolism, poor gut health along with hormonal imbalance. Most of these deficiencies can be corrected with nutrition and exercises but the effort is high. This leads to many women not able to stick to the plan and get their PCOS under control

Vitamin Deficiencies and PCOS

Vitamin B12

In simple words, Vitamin B12 prevents your body from feeling fatigued, weak and is very important to keep your nervous system healthy.  If you are low on Vitamin B12 you might not feel like doing your exercises or you might not be able to do it effectively. B12 is present in certain non-vegetarian food but is not present in an absorbable form in any vegetarian food. Fixing Vitamin B12 with supplements will ensure your effort for tackling PCOD is rewarded right

Vitamin D

Not having a sufficient amount of Vitamin D affects most systems in the body. Low Vitamin D can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, metabolic disorders. In women, Vitamin D also plays a role in fertility, egg quality and specifically with mensuration. An optimal amount of Vitamin D can be derived from sunlight but for women with PCOS who also have Vitamin D deficiency, supplements will help them get PCOS under control faster

Insulin Resistance and PCOS

Insulin is secreted in response to increased blood sugar levels and it keeps blood sugar in balance. When a women with PCOD / PCOS has insulin resistance their body cells does not absorb insulin there by causing increasing in blood sugar levels.

Increase in blood sugar without any medication / dietary changes will lead to weight gain and obesity. Also these women will feel low on energy. Consistent high level of blood sugar leads to pre-diabetes and then to diabetes. For women who is fighting to get PCOS under control understanding their insulin resistance and changing their medication and lifestyle to address it will yield great results in shorter duration

Metabolism, Gut Health and PCOS

Gut health and its effect on PCOS is a whole topic of its own. Briefly, Gut bacteria and intestinal flora are responsible for hormonal balance, immune system and general well being of the body. Gut flora is also responsible for metabolism, the process of converting food to energy.  For women fighting PCOS improving gut health and metabolism means ensuring hormonal balance can happen easily, insulin resistance can be kept under control easily and side effects like depression can be avoided. Using probiotics to improve gut health makes the fight with PCOS a little easier
Focusing on nutrition and physical activity to manage PCOS is important. But at the same time addressing the underlying imbalances like vitamin deficiency, insulin resistance and gut health, metabolism are also very critical and will ensure that you can successfully bring PCOS under control with little effort

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